Carter Troutt

Nicholas Bush

English Comp 1020

March 30, 2021

Princess Diana and The Moon Landing : Fact, Fiction, or Fairytale? Mark Bazely. Conspiracy. 2015 Netflix Original Documentary

This documentary series sheds light on a lot of theories that people choose to ignore or simply not believe to this day. They Royal Family is a massive establishment that are known for their ruthlessness nature and scandalous activities. The Royal Family has been known to have many powerful enemies. After the divorce of Princess Diana and her husband, Prince Charles, who was also to be the future King of England, Princess Diana continued to push against the establishment and was even seen photographed with Dodi Fayed, a Muslim man who was also rumored to have gotten her pregnant. Princess Diana even predicted her death after her divorce and was almost to the letter. There are so many unearthed theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana and this documentary shows and explains the majority of what I have read about in my research.

I feel like the video on Netflix is most definitely well done and is put together in a way that is entertaining, and educational. The video clippings and photographs shown in the episode are compelling and the stories intriguing. The information presented in this video is very persuasive and could easily be viewed in the way the conspiracy theorists would want you to look at it. Mark Bazely. Conspiracy. 2015

The Apollo Moon Landing hoax is one that’s widely considered as the biggest conspiracy in human history. People believe that the entire event was staged in a tv studio, and the research I have found, and the video provided, tells a lot about both sides, whichever you believe. The evidence shown in this video is nothing short of astounding and mind-blowing. Factual evidence and information given that clearly goes against what the world was lead to believe makes it very hard to formulate an opinion on what to believe. The video I have embedded is from a different perspective, and I found useful as well, but also used because youtube did not have a video I could embed on the actual conspiracy of the moon landing, like I posted originally as my source for this entry.

This documentary encapsulates everything people have formulated about why they think The Apollo Moon Landing was a hoax and is very easily understood as to why, with the evidence and information shared with us during this series of videos about conspiracy theories. I was not aware of some of the realities, or truths, shown and exhibited throughout this Netflix series, but for someone who is interested in learning or doing research on the topic of Conspiracy Theories, this video compels beyond normal belief.



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